Interactive Course IGCSE PHYSICS 0625 - Chapter 6 - 17

This course contains a complete lesson of the new syllabus of PHYSICS 0417. The course covers all the chapters from 6 - 17 and each chapter has a summary video and slides. The past year questions are explained in an easy to understand manner.

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What will i learn?
  • Understand and digest the topics in a easy to remember manner
  • Take note of the important information
  • Familiar with the Cambridge style of asking questions
  • Be able to answer any questions related to each topic

Curriculum for this course
34 Lessons 02:53:02 Hours
Chapter 10.1 Thermal Properties And Temperature
2 Lessons 00:12:58 Hours
  • Thermal Properties And Temperature 00:12:58
  • Thermal Expansion Of Solids, Liquids And Gases (Thermal Properties And Temperature)
  • Explaining Some Wave Phenomenon
  • Static Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Spectra
  • Waves (Description Of Waves, Speed, Frequency, And Wavelength)
  • Light (Total Internal Reflection And Lenses)
  • Light (Reflection And Refraction Of Light)
  • Sound (Making Sounds, The Speed Of Sound And Seeing Sounds)
  • Sound (Making Sound, The Speed Of Sound And Seeing Sounds) 00:15:18
  • Thermal (Heat) Energy Transfers 00:13:09
  • Thermal (Heat) Energy Transfer
  • Thermal Capacity, Specific Heat Capacity And Latent Heat 00:20:03
  • Thermal Capacity, Specific Heat And Latent Heat
  • Forms Of Energy 00:09:18
  • Energy Transformations And Energy Transfers - Forms Of Energy
  • Gases And The Kinetic Theory 00:11:34
  • Gases And The Kinetic Theory (The Kinetic Model Of Matter)
  • States Of Matter 00:14:58
  • States Of Matter (The Kinetic Model Of Matter)
  • Power 00:13:35
  • Power
  • Doing Work 00:14:40
  • Work And Power - Doing Work
  • The Energy From The Sun
  • The Energy We Use 00:13:02
  • The Energy We Use
  • Energy Calculations 00:15:04
  • Energy Transformations - Energy Calculations
  • Energy Conservation 00:10:36
  • Conservation Of Energy
  • Energy Conversions 00:08:47
  • Energy Conversions
  • Computer device
  • Internet
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This course contains a well explained video tutorial and summary slides for paper 2. At the end of each chapter, a list of related past year questions is given to strengthen the student's understanding.

The slides present the topics in a concise and easy to understand manner. After each topic, a series of past year questions are treated based on the marking scheme to speed-up the student understanding.

Specific information

The PHYSICS new curriculum (2022 - 2025) expects the students to master document production, mail merge, presentation, and database. All these topics are well explained with past year questions in an easy to understand manner for the students.

This course is useful for both teachers and students. Teachers don’t need to spend hours in creating learning resources for the students. The slides are explainable and coherent.

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