Physics Grade 7 Chapter 1 - 3

This course contains a complete lesson of the new syllabus of Physics This course covers all the chapters from 1 - 3 and each chapter has an interactive contents.

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What will i learn?
  • Understand and digest the topics in a easy to remember manner
  • Take note of the important information
  • Familiar with the Cambridge style of asking questions
  • Be able to answer any questions related to each topic

Curriculum for this course
17 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Chapter 2.2 Reflections Of Sound
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Chapter 2.2 Reflections Of Sound
  • Chapter 3.5 Adding Or Removing Components
  • Chapter 3.4 Conductors And Insulators
  • Chapter 3.3 Measuring The Flow Of Current
  • Chapter 3.2 Electrical Circuits
  • Chapter 3.1 Flow Of Electricity
  • Chapter 2.5 Solar And Lunar Eclipse
  • Chapter 2.4 Changes In The Earth
  • Chapter 2.3 Structure Of The Earth
  • Chapter 1.1 Gravity, Weight And Mass
  • Chapter 2.1 Sound Waves
  • Chapter 1.7 Particles On The Move
  • Chapter 1.6 Where Does Energy Go?
  • Chapter 1.5 Energy And Changes In Energy
  • Chapter 1.4 Tides
  • Chapter 1.3 Movement In Space
  • Chapter 1.2 Formation Of The Solar System
  • Computer device
  • Internet Access
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This course contains a well explained interactive content for Cambridge Physics Syllabus. In each chapter, a list of related activities is given to strengthen the student's understanding.

The slides present the topics in a concise and easy to understand manner. In each topic, a series of activities are treated based on the marking scheme to speed-up the student understanding.

Specific information

Each chapter contains a well detailed necessary information of the new curriculum topics (2022 - 2025). No repetition or boring information included. Interactive activities are treated along side with each topic. This makes it easier for students to familiarize themselves with the answering contents in evey Chapter .

This course is useful for both teachers and students. Teachers don’t need to spend hours in creating learning resources for the students. This slide is well explainable and coherent.

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